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Community Project Requests

The following projects were submitted to the House Appropriations Committee under the Community Project Funding Program. These projects will be evaluated by the Appropriations Committee for potential consideration in the Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations bills. 

Project Sponsor: State of California - Division of Boating and Waterway (including funds from City of Huntington Beach, City of Newport Beach, County of Orange, and City of Seal Beach) 

Project Name: Sufside-Sunset & Newport Beach Replenishment 

Project Location: From Seal Beach, CA to Newport Beach, CA 

Requested Amount: $15,500,000

Explanation of Request: This project will directly serve the residents of Orange County by reducing severe beach erosion that threatens the safety of people, wildlife, and the local economy. Orange County’s beaches are eroding because of federal projects that permanently stopped natural sand flow onto our beaches. The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) created flood control projects along three local rivers and breakwaters were constructed to create and protect the Los Angeles/Long Beach harbor. Jetties installed by the USACE at Anaheim Bay harbor have permanently cut off sand supply to the natural shoreline. The USACE and the Federal Government began repairing this issue in 1964. This was done in increments, with the first stage happening in 1964. In 1995, after planning Stage 10, the USACE abandoned their responsibilities to Orange County and declared this project was no longer considered “unique” but one of the many sand projects that fall under jurisdiction of the rest. In 2000, the USACE stated that it was no longer budgeting for future stages of the project. Without action by the Federal Government, coastal Orange County is susceptible to dangerous flooding. Shoreline projection through regular sand nourishment is our frontline defense from a potentially devastating flood event. 

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